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Dear Bunny Lovers,

Please take note that at Ideas for Bunnies, we do not encourage collection of Adoption Fee for the rehoming of bunnies….

We believe that there are many people here who will be very happy to help the bunny find a loving home, or spread the news to their friends who are also bunny lovers. However, it became complicated when Adoption Fee is involved…. and most here will choose to keep quiet about the adoption instead, which is really counter productive….

Frankly, we do not subscribe to the argument that by paying an Adoption Fee, the adopter will be more serious and responsible towards the bunny… There are many pure breed bunnies costing a few hundreds or more being thrown every now and then… As for resellers & breeders, they will always be willing to pay for the adoption fee if they are confident to gain more from it… So please vet thru any potential adopter very carefully….

We also do not encourage intentional breeding of bunnies, and hope bunny owners will plan to sterilize their bunnies before accidental breeding happens, and it is also better for their health as well.

Bunny Lovers, please do share with us your thoughts too… πŸ™‚
PS: Please note that while we do not support collection of adoption fee, we do support that the Adopters pay for the Cost of Sterilization. This is especially important for cases where rehomers or rescuers pay upfront to sterilize the bunny.

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