on Bunny Sale Alert Post

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Dear members,

Recently, we are seeing an increase of Bunny Sale Alert Posts from websites such as Gumtree and Carousell. Frankly, there is no way for us to stop them from doing this. Think the only people that can do anything is AVA, or the Legal Authority doing something about it.

By sharing all these posts, we are actually helping them to increase their web traffic. Furthermore, if someone decided to save these bunnies by buying them, think these breeders will definitely breed more bunnies for sale… It will never end.

We have discussed among our Admin Team and decided to put a stop to all these posts. The main focus of Ideas for bunnies is on helping bunny owners with sharing of ideas and knowledge so that they can enjoy caring for the bunnies. In doing so, we hope to reduce on the number of bunnies being given up or bunny suffering poor health due to lack of proper knowledge.

We would like to stress again that Ideas for bunnies is not a bunny rescue or rehoming group. We will however try our best to work with selected bunny rehomers to help find a good home for bunnies that needs to be rehomed.

We appreciate all your supports and hope to hear from you too. Cheers!

Warm regards,
Ideas Taskforce

1st September 2015