on Drama & Trauma

Original Post at Ideas for bunnies Facebook group on 10th April 2016 >>> [Open Link]

Think the philosophy of Ideas for bunnies on Drama & Trauma can basically be covered under my earlier post on Ideas for bunnies Facebook page on 10th April 2016:

I was cleaning the enclosure for Baileys just now and was informed of some arguments at Ideas in one of the thread…

Dear members, please be reminded that our focus here at Ideas for bunnies is to provide a peaceful environment for all our bunny lovers to share our love and ideas so that our bunnies and fellow members can enjoy a wonderful loving experience together…

We understand most of us here have great love for bunnies… however we hope all our members will be more sensitive when putting down our thoughts in words so that there will not be any misunderstanding and unnecessary conflicts.

Peace is something we treasure a lot at Ideas for bunnies. We do not like to see drama & trauma happening in our group. Please feel free to contact our admin if you need to bring up any issues.

Please do note that any member who choose to be consistently confrontational will be asked to leave this group. Thank you for your understanding.

Original Post at Ideas for bunnies Facebook group on 29th November 2016 >>> [Open Link]

This was another meaningful post by our Admin Ong Yuyuan on Ideas for bunnies Facebook page on 29th November 2016:

Noticing some posts going around regarding Ideas and some other rescue groups. Would like to reiterate Ideas stand regarding this.

Personally, even though I’m Ideas admin, I am still in HRSS group, though not as active now. It was there that I knew many bunny lovers and gained much knowledge on bunny care when I first started 4 years ago. It was also through HRSS that I met Merv Soh and I am thankful for that. I would like to add that I have volunteered for both HRSS and BW (before it was named BW) previously. Fast forward a few years, my needs for learning about bunny care have changed and I find that Ideas is more suitable for me at this lifestage. It is not that I am against HRSS or BW.

Similarly, we at Ideas are not against rescue groups. We acknowledge the dedication of the volunteers of rescue groups. However, one of the objective of this group is to help other bunny owners who cannot afford the ‘gold standard’ of care advocated by those rescue groups. We would like to avoid conflict of beliefs with those groups and hence may choose to remove posts related to those groups.

There are no boundaries for ideas on bunny care. We do encourage members who are volunteers with those rescue groups to post on Ideas if there are any tips which may be useful for the other members. Such as cheap supplier to get bunny stuffs, more efficient way of cleaner set up etc! ????

Ultimately, we would like to have peace in this group. I’m sure most of the members are in this group to see relevant posts regarding bunny care and not to read about unnecessary drama.