Our Story

At around 13th March 2012, Ideas for bunnies was registered as a Facebook Group, with a description as follows:

A place where small ideas are turn into simple solutions for our precious bunnies.

This was the first post at Ideas for bunnies, before starting to accept members on 4th April 2012 >>> [Click here] 

Ideas for bunnies is not a Bunny Rescue or Rehome Group… Our focus is to provide a peaceful environment to share our love and ideas for our bunnies, and enjoy a wonderful loving experience together…

We strongly believed that by helping bunny parents improved on their ways of bunny keeping, and creating a strong community to provide mutual supports for one another, we can reduce the number of bunnies being given up, neglected or even abandoned…

We try our best to help fellow bunny parents, especially for the first time bunny parents, on sharing of knowledge and ideas on how to take good care on their bunnies. However, we do not encourage putting or talking down of bunny parents because they are not doing something “right”; for example, bathing of bunny…

We would like to strongly encouraged our members to practice Positive Influence, which is instead of telling other members what they should not be doing, show them how are you doing it. If you have a good method, I’m sure other members will be keen to follow your ways of doing things…

This is one of my previous post in Ideas for bunnies regarding Positive Influence >>> [Click here]

One of the reason that triggered me to start this new group at that time was because of this very common scenario in some bunny groups:

A first time bunny owner who just bought a baby bunny at a pet shop happily took a photo of the baby in the cage and shared it in a bunny group. Next thing you see is that some members came in to ask why buy this baby bunny from a pet shop and not adopt a bunny from bunny rescue and rehome group, why buy and keep the bunny in a cage and not free roam or setup in a 6 piece playpen and etc… and then the mob will continue until this new member deleted the post and left the group…

But what will happen to the bunny after that!?

Being a first time bunny owner, the knowledge of bunny care is definitely not sufficient, so this bunny parent now go back to the pet shop and ask for advice… and the staffs happily recommended products like bunny shampoo and bunny treats made of corns and seeds, and lots of other stuffs for the bunnies… Eventually the baby passed away due to unknown reasons…. :'(

Another possibility is that the pee and poops became so smelly because this new bunny owner did not learn about how to keep the cage clean using litter pellets to soak up the pee and reducing the smell. Other family members eventually ran out of patience and insisted that the bunny to be ridden off… and then someone found a bunny cage with a young bunny next to the rubbish bin or void deck.

Have you encountered such cases before? Before we start to shoot at someone, do note that it might be the bunny that is at the receiving end. Winning an argument and making a righteous stand may sounds great, but shouldn’t the welfare of the bunnies be the focus!

So end of the day, we hope that Ideas for bunnies will become a place where bunny lovers and bunny parents and come together and enjoy bunny keeping as a big loving family. We will continue to improve and think of better ideas to help more bunnies and bunny parents…. Cheers!

Ideas for bunnies Blog was official launched on 27th July 2016….. [Click Here]