Bunny Boarding

Bunny Boarding Service Provider as recommended by our members in Alphabetical Orders :

( PS: Ideas for bunnies reserved the rights to include or exclude any Service Providers from this listing )

CALMR Preschool

Contact Person: Principal Chan

Contact Number: +65 94873427

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CALMRpreschool/

Address: Bukit Batok St52

Special Notes:

The only school for your fur kids to “learn” and play.

CALMR Preschool Logo
CALMR Classroom
CALMR Student ID

1-2 buns : 1m by 1m space
3-4 buns: 2m by 1m space

$10/bun per day
*Pellets and hay not included
*Daily fresh vegetables (a mix of 3 types: xiao bai chye/chye sim/watercress/corriander/mint/basil with occasional fruits toppings for extra goodness)Paragraph

+ $2-$10 for medical boarding available (contact Principal for more information)

D.Fluff Lounge

Contact Person: Dawn Yeo

Contact Number: +65 9633 3232

Website: https://www.dflufflounge.com

Email: dfluffloungesg@gmail.com

Address: Jurong West

Special Notes:

D.Fluff Lounge
CCTV bunny status updates
Boarding of Giant Bunny

Little Bobtail Resort

Contact Person: Jennifer Ng

Contact Number: +65 98363140

Website: http://www.littlebobtailresort.com

Email: http://www.littlebobtailresort.com/contact-us.html

Address: Sengkang

Little Bobtail Resort Autumn Room

My Happy Tales

Contact Person: Clarris Ang

Contact Number:  +65 9227 0051

Website: www.facebook.com/myhappytales

Email: myhappytales@hotmail.com 

Address: Kembangan

Services of My Happy Tales



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