Bunny Symptoms and Illness

GI Stasis in Rabbits: Silent killer 

GI (or gut) stasis is a potentially deadly condition in which the digestive system slows down or stops completely. Bad bacteria then builds up in the intestines and releases gas into the system, causing very painful bloating and further decreasing a rabbit’s motivation to eat or drink.

Some common causes : slowdown of the digestive system: 

  • High starch, Low Fiber diet
  • Stress ( sudden sound, losing a bonded partner, changes of environment)
  • Underlying issues such as dental problems like molar spurt, Urinary tract infection, Gas etc

Signs of GI Stasis: 

  • Small or no fecal pellets
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of interest to Favourite treats
  • Lethargy / hunched posture
  • Not willing to move

Bring it to the Rabbit-savy Vet immediately. Do not attempt to force feed critical care immediately. 

With bloated stomach, force feeding of critical care will make the condition worse