Ideas Hashtags

These Ideas Hashtags are used on posts at Ideas Facebook Group to streamline the sharing of information so that it will be easier for our members to research on topics of interest.

We would like to suggest the following hashtags to add on to our posts:

#‎IdeasTaskforce‬ – For Ideas for bunnies administrative posts

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_blog‬ – For posts regarding Ideas for bunnies WordPress Blog

#‎Ideas4bunnies_‬ – Prefix for limiting the search to only within our group….

‪‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_Health‬ – Bunny health related posts

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_Event‬ – Event related posts

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_Grooming‬ – Grooming related posts

#‎Ideas4bunnies_Herbs – Herbs related posts

#Ideas4bunnies_Cookies – Bunny Cookies related post

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_Bunny_‬ – This is for our own bunny posts…

Example: For me of coz is #‎Ideas4bunnies_Bunny_Creamy‬ or #‎Ideas4bunnies_Bunny_Baileys

#ideas4bunnies_bunny_arts – Playing around with our bunny photos

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_DIY‬ – For all DIY Projects

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_DIY_Hayrack‬ – For DIY Projects focusing on Hayrack
‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_DIY_Enclosure‬ – For DIY Projects focusing on Enclosure
‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_DIY_Litterbox‬ – For DIY Projects focusing on Litterbox

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_Furniture‬ – For all post regarding buying of furniture for our bunny…

Example: the Bangkok Pet Supply Shop

‪#‎Ideas4bunnies_Rainbow‬ – For bunnies that went over the rainbow bridge

OK… So far I have tested some of these… I can only change my own post thou, so hopefully you can change yours too… 😉

Do help me do some testing and give me some feedback too… Hopefully our members will be able to find relevant information thru clicking these hashtag starting 2016… Cheers!

PS: Can have multiple Hashtag in a post like this one to make it even more flexible: [Example]


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