Ideas Guidelines

Hi bunny lovers, welcome to our humble group! At Ideas for Bunnies, we are committed in creating an engaging, open and truly vibrant community space for you to share everything you love about your bunny.

We would like to share with you a few basic rules to help ensure everyone have fun!

1. It’s all about your bunny and you

We all absolutely adore our bunnies – so we will like to invite you to spread the love by sharing your experiences and insight with other bunparents. From images and videos to questions and answers – the more experiences we share, the richer the community will be for everyone.

With this in mind, please try to keep your discussions and the content you share as constructive as possible. We also encourage you to read all the comments in a post before commenting to ensure a vibrant and continuous dialogue between members.

2. Keep it Paw-sitive!

Ideas for bunnies page is founded in April 2012 by a group of peace-loving volunteers bonded by our love for bunnies. The main purpose of this page is to act as a sharing platform for bunny owners or those who are thinking of having bunnies.

Members are reminded to be responsible for your posts. We seek your understanding that admins are not internet police, our role is only to guide and facilitate direction of discussion.
Whilst we hope we never, we will remove any content that is inappropriate. Repeated offenders will be removed from this group.

3. Paw-fectly different individuals

As bunnies come in all colors and breeds, and so do our opinions and views. Diversity is a good thing, it gives us a chance to learn new ways to connect and care for our furry family members.
Please be constructive with your feedback, the goal should always be to foster a healthy conversation and exchange views without resorting to personal attacks. Be paw-some, be awesome!

4. No Paw-liciting

Product & service reviews are welcomed, we are more than happy to talk about products and services you love to use and share your experiences with fellow members.
Please refrain from using this platform as a advertising board. If you have a product or service you think might be of interest to the community, please reach out to the admins and we can explore opportunities for sharing. As the saying goes, sharing is caring πŸ™‚

5. Special Notes

Ideas for bunnies do not wish to have any interaction with Bunny Wonderland of Singapore to avoid unnecessary conflicts and dramas.
Please do not Share or Repost any thread or information from them. We believe it is better for everyone and bunnies that we can each focus on energy that is positive and constructive for our own members and bunnies. Thank you for your understanding.