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Taken at Pet Asia on 31st May 2015

Dear members of Ideas for bunnies,

This post is an update with regards to the Admin Team of Ideas for bunnies, known as Ideas Taskforce, which is long overdue… :p

On 15th November 2015, I sent the following PM to our current admin team which is Audrey Ng, Jessica Shepherdson, MaBel Mei Bao, Jane Wendy, Ong Yuyuan and Shumin Chen

Dear fellow Admin of Ideas for bunnies,  

Year 2015 is coming to an end, and soon we will be looking forward to Year 2016. First of all, I would like to thank you all for helping to maintain Ideas for bunnies.

Our members are now over 1.5 thousand and things are getting more busy with the group matters…. I have received many positive feedback from our members, so think we have done some good for the bunny community!

I really appreciate all of you for taking your precious time to assist in the management of the group, especially when funny things happening with all those crazy characters… and feel bad for taking up so much of your time and resources during those shows and events.

I have been thinking a lot recently how we should be moving forward. There are actually lots of things still waiting to be done. Things like Member FAQ, Rabbit Savvy Vet list and all those reference material…. However, I’m do feel bad taking up more of your time and resources… So maybe I will try to find more volunteers to help on gathering all these information….

I’m a moderator in a fish forum, and for reference, they have a very good system for moderators… Every year, the moderators will be asked on whether they would like to continue being a Moderator for the coming new year… This means that there is an opt-in process.

All of us have different priorities in the different stages of our life and we can understand that you may find it too resource consuming to continue taking up this duty. Therefore, to be fair to all of you, I’m going to make this an opt-in exercise. By mid of December, please do let me know if you are keen to continue being a Moderator in Ideas for Year 2016…

This will start to be a yearly process. However, please do not feel bad if you choose not to continue as a Moderator. We will understand and respect your wish, maybe one day I will retire and stop being the Moderator too…

I will start a document in Ideas to record all our current and retired Moderators… Candy and Joey Blueberries are our retired Moderators, and I think we need to recognize their previous contribution to Ideas group too…. So hope to hear from all of you soon.

If you have any thoughts or suggestion, please feel free to bring it up for discussion…. Cheers!

I’m definitely very thankful to all the hard work and efforts that our Admin Team has put into Ideas all these years. However, I do also understand that everyone will have different commitments in each stage of our live and may eventually run out of bandwidth to continue with these additional duties… Therefore, I will ask each of our Admin this question on the end of each year if they would like to continue with this role.

For those who would like to take a break from this Admin duty, we will continue to consider them as our Retired Admin for Ideas for bunnies to recognise the efforts that they will contributed to Ideas group…

Candy Pan and Joey Blueberries are our Retired Admins, and Audrey Ng has decided to join them this round.

Therefore, the current active Admins for Ideas for bunnies are Jessica Shepherdson, MaBel Mei Bao, Jane Wendy, Ong Yuyuan, Shumin Chen and myself… 🙂

We hope to work closely with all our members to build a peaceful and fun place for all our bunnies and bunny lovers… Cheers! ^_^ (Y)


Warm regards,

Merv Soh Ideas Taskforce 15th February 2016


Pet Asia on 31st May 2015