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Pregnancy & Newborn

Lets Meet my 7 little furkids.

From Left to Right : Bobo, Xiaofeimao, Tehpeng, Yuanyuan, Oldman, Xiaobaby & Xiaohei aka Blackhawk.

Having 7 bunny is never easy from caring them, learning things about them & each of them have different personlity & behaviour.

Monthly expenses is around $200-$300 ( Basic – from Hay ,Veg, Litter & Pellet exclude Herbs ) . **Always think twice when adopting or buying new one **

Pregnancy period -I’m blessed with a smooth pregnancy . 

When the moment we announced my pregnancy to my in-laws, first things they got their mind is to get rid of my furkid. Back then, other than 7 of my bunny i still have 2 more Guniea pig. We was quite upset & did have some arguement with my MIL. She was firm on asking me to give all them up. I was emotional to the extent that I cried to sleep, I have made up my mind that we have to rehome my Guniea pig & keep all bunnies, my husband in the other end is very supportive with my decision with keeping all the bunnies. Yes you can judge me for rehoming my guniea pig, do i have a choice for doing so?  I did my research & found out that, Pets are in fact good for baby. Baby who are exposed to animal during their first year appear to have lower allergy and asthma risk. We explained & talk things out with my in-laws & from there onwards, there is no more conflict on it since both of us have take a step backward.

First trimester is a roller coaster for me, I have morning sickness , i feel so drained & exhausted till the extend that i sleep at 8.30pm everyday. I’m thankful for the support my husband have given me to take care of bunnies, he clean litterbox, groom them, even taking care of my special bunny who is super prone to GI. He took care of my mini garden of herbs, i was extremely scare of Thai basil & Mints smells, i puke everytime when I have to go near them. He even take plastic bag out for me in case i have to puke 🙁


Second trimester is what we called as honeymoon, we enjoyed the days while waiting for time to pass.


Third trimester came, i developed allergic against bunny fur, its swell everytime when I walked past them but nothing did stop me from free roaming them.

Finally the day is coming~ My Gynae approved my request for induction labour . I’m reaching to the extend of week 40 & my baby is too comfortable so she need to be chase out 🙂 . Before I check in to hospital, i went back to have a last look at my bunnies, to sayang them, making last mins arrangement & standby sufficient food for my furkids. So thankful to my family for helping me with their meal when i was in hospital. Was in a labour of 44 hours.




Next day back home~

Post natal depression is real & I almost fell into it. Struggling with breastfeeding, struggling with Jaundice baby , struggling with conflicts in some part with the rest & alot of KPO coming into my life is damn real. Some even deserved a punch on their face, neighbour, relative, friends etc coming into your life, poking their nose against you “Why don’t just give them your bunny?” , “have you given up your bunny” , “your bunny still with you” ?!?!?! .

So sick & tired of people saying things like that.

Fortunately my Father in law is very nice, he help to do basic daily cleaning during the first few months, he clear up my bunny fur, use Ikea roller to roll those fur away. I received so much help from my husband & FIL. From feeding, changing of diaper, handling her whenever she is cranky, crying. They are 24/7 , good dad & good grandpa.


My baby is a full term baby & fully breastfed , she doesn’t have issues with bunny’s fur. Lung is the last organ to develop in a fetus & Premature babies are more prone to respiratory issues and health condition.

More information as below: 

Handling a newborn is never easy & Esp you’re alone. My husband was away for 2 weeks during his reservists & my FIL is at work all the time for his new project. When the baby is cranky, other than coax them you can’t do other things. My little girl always feel very insecure & want to be carried / hug at all times. The moment when she cry, i cant do other things, dont say feed bunny, go toilet also no time to do it. TRUST ME, Is not easy.

Life got better when both of them are back.

After having a kid , your priority changed. You doesn’t even have time for yourself. Sometime i do struggle internally, thinking if I should give up some of them but yet i know i won’t bear to. Used to be 7 fighting for my attention & now it’s a big 1 + 7. It’s a amazing feeling to see them growing up together.


Having a pillar of support while going through all these while is very important. 

Having a kid in SG is never cheap, from giving birth to buying things, Just by check up & giving birth, Book Gynae – KKH private suite – Each time checkup $100.00 x 12 times , test $300.00 , giving birth under – private $5K , cash out $2k. Almost $4K.

Their things – Sterilizer ( $300 ) , toys ( countless ) , clothes ( hand me down + New ( $500 ) , playpen ( $150 ) , warmer , breastpump etc.

A note for those who plan to have kids. 

Get your partner to be involve in your bunny life, teach them how to handle your bunny, get them be involve in cleaning of litterbox etc & feeding time. Discuss about financial as well, is not cheap to have baby in Singapore.


Story of Banana and My Bunnies

Wrote this for fun a long long time ago… on 24th March 2013… and this is based on a true story…..

A story of my three boys, Notti, Bion and Cookie, with the banana in my hand… :p

Story of Banana and My Bunnies
Story of Banana and My Bunnies

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