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Written on AUGUST 1, 2017
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#04: Magnus over the rainbow bridge

Dear all,

Unfortunately, this is last post about Magnus. On 08th September 2017, Magnus left us quietly in his sleep… He wasn’t doing so well on and off; a lot more lethargic than usual but just as I thought he got slightly better again, he’s gone just like that.

For the past one year and three months, Magnus have given me so much love and affection that it’s so hard to believe he’s just a pet. For far too many times, I’ve shared with so many people about his story, brought him to bunny gatherings and everyone and every bun loves him!

There’s no words that could describe how much I missed him. I’m sure he won’t like me getting upset over him too. Please enjoy the pictures and rejoice that Magnus is now at a better place with no more pain and with tons and tons of treats to munch on.

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#03: Chewy the CNY bunny

Hi all! Just as finally settled down to a regular routine for both my bunnies, I finally have space to take in one more bunny for fostering, and hence we welcome Chewy!


On the eve of CNY, I came across an adoption post on fb about a young mixed lop male that is up for adoption. Judging from the pic, his condition looks fine and typically, lops gets a higher chance of being adopt out as compared to local breeds (sad, harsh truth). So I contacted the owner to see if he is agreeable for me to take in and search for another adopter with proper procedures (to prevent resale and breeding) and yeap, all went well. 2nd day of CNY, that’s how Chewy came to me.

First impression; he’s really small-sized for a one-year old mixed lop, skinny and matted bottom. The ex-owner happens to live walking distance away from me (like 15-20 minutes walk) so I sacrificed my fats to save some transportation money. Whole trip took me 50 minutes back and forth but it’s worth it. Because this little fellow really needs some help. I settled him in a corner of my room fenced up. He munch hay like a lawn mower (it’s real) and LOVES pellets. I figured to give him unlimited pellets to bulk him up for now.

Next morning, something just doesn’t feel right. So I weighed him. Chewy is barely 700gram. That’s even lighter than my SIL’s guinea pig (she’s 1.2kg) and that’s crazy. So this fact further confirms my decision to give unlimited pellets for the time being until the stage where I can’t feel his ribs that easily.

Over the next few days, all I did was slow coaxing while simple de-matting of his crazy bottom. Character-wise; wary of sudden movement and strangers but won’t bite (he prefers to flight than fight) which is a good point (?).

On 4th Feb 2017, I took Chewy along with Magnus and Abby for their annual checkup. Chewy gained weight! He’s now 1.1kg and that’s a scary leap of improvement considering it’s only one week of unlimited pellets buffet! Hahaha, that’s just show how important a balance diet is for any rabbits! He cleared the basic checkup with good feedback and of course Doc’ reminds that he needs to put on more weight than this!

Few days later after I left home for work, this little fellow made an escape from my room (I left the door open, my bad) and ventured into the living room. So after a big hooha of securing him, my family decides to clear up some space for him so that he can stay in the living room near Magnus and Abby (they fell in love with his helicopter ears, I knew it). So just like Magnus’ case, he charmed his way into the family just like that.


Yes, due to the extremely low inquiries for Chewy, as of 26th June 2017 (exactly 5 months since I took over him), he is now officially known as Colin. #fosterfail Enjoy the pictures! (Pictures not in sequence!)

From left to right:

  1. I tried putting up adoption notice
  2. More cute pictures
  3. 5th week since coming to me, 500g increase in weight!!!

From left to right:

  1. Just before meeting a potential adopter, I realize this boy is down with scabies!! (Bunny date immediately failed)
  2. Healing process with healthy treats (cameo featuring Magnus and Abby!)
  3. All healed up!

From left to right:

  1. Moody because no more adoption inquiries
  2. The big move to new place! (cameo featuring all my other pets!)
  3. Pic taken during one of the bunny gathering!

And finally…. the last picture take quire recently! Fatter and healthier!! Case close!!!

With love,

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Pregnancy & Newborn

Lets Meet my 7 little furkids.

From Left to Right : Bobo, Xiaofeimao, Tehpeng, Yuanyuan, Oldman, Xiaobaby & Xiaohei aka Blackhawk.

Having 7 bunny is never easy from caring them, learning things about them & each of them have different personlity & behaviour.

Monthly expenses is around $200-$300 ( Basic – from Hay ,Veg, Litter & Pellet exclude Herbs ) . **Always think twice when adopting or buying new one **

Pregnancy period -I’m blessed with a smooth pregnancy . 

When the moment we announced my pregnancy to my in-laws, first things they got their mind is to get rid of my furkid. Back then, other than 7 of my bunny i still have 2 more Guniea pig. We was quite upset & did have some arguement with my MIL. She was firm on asking me to give all them up. I was emotional to the extent that I cried to sleep, I have made up my mind that we have to rehome my Guniea pig & keep all bunnies, my husband in the other end is very supportive with my decision with keeping all the bunnies. Yes you can judge me for rehoming my guniea pig, do i have a choice for doing so?  I did my research & found out that, Pets are in fact good for baby. Baby who are exposed to animal during their first year appear to have lower allergy and asthma risk. We explained & talk things out with my in-laws & from there onwards, there is no more conflict on it since both of us have take a step backward.

First trimester is a roller coaster for me, I have morning sickness , i feel so drained & exhausted till the extend that i sleep at 8.30pm everyday. I’m thankful for the support my husband have given me to take care of bunnies, he clean litterbox, groom them, even taking care of my special bunny who is super prone to GI. He took care of my mini garden of herbs, i was extremely scare of Thai basil & Mints smells, i puke everytime when I have to go near them. He even take plastic bag out for me in case i have to puke 🙁


Second trimester is what we called as honeymoon, we enjoyed the days while waiting for time to pass.


Third trimester came, i developed allergic against bunny fur, its swell everytime when I walked past them but nothing did stop me from free roaming them.

Finally the day is coming~ My Gynae approved my request for induction labour . I’m reaching to the extend of week 40 & my baby is too comfortable so she need to be chase out 🙂 . Before I check in to hospital, i went back to have a last look at my bunnies, to sayang them, making last mins arrangement & standby sufficient food for my furkids. So thankful to my family for helping me with their meal when i was in hospital. Was in a labour of 44 hours.




Next day back home~

Post natal depression is real & I almost fell into it. Struggling with breastfeeding, struggling with Jaundice baby , struggling with conflicts in some part with the rest & alot of KPO coming into my life is damn real. Some even deserved a punch on their face, neighbour, relative, friends etc coming into your life, poking their nose against you “Why don’t just give them your bunny?” , “have you given up your bunny” , “your bunny still with you” ?!?!?! .

So sick & tired of people saying things like that.

Fortunately my Father in law is very nice, he help to do basic daily cleaning during the first few months, he clear up my bunny fur, use Ikea roller to roll those fur away. I received so much help from my husband & FIL. From feeding, changing of diaper, handling her whenever she is cranky, crying. They are 24/7 , good dad & good grandpa.


My baby is a full term baby & fully breastfed , she doesn’t have issues with bunny’s fur. Lung is the last organ to develop in a fetus & Premature babies are more prone to respiratory issues and health condition.

More information as below: 

Handling a newborn is never easy & Esp you’re alone. My husband was away for 2 weeks during his reservists & my FIL is at work all the time for his new project. When the baby is cranky, other than coax them you can’t do other things. My little girl always feel very insecure & want to be carried / hug at all times. The moment when she cry, i cant do other things, dont say feed bunny, go toilet also no time to do it. TRUST ME, Is not easy.

Life got better when both of them are back.

After having a kid , your priority changed. You doesn’t even have time for yourself. Sometime i do struggle internally, thinking if I should give up some of them but yet i know i won’t bear to. Used to be 7 fighting for my attention & now it’s a big 1 + 7. It’s a amazing feeling to see them growing up together.


Having a pillar of support while going through all these while is very important. 

Having a kid in SG is never cheap, from giving birth to buying things, Just by check up & giving birth, Book Gynae – KKH private suite – Each time checkup $100.00 x 12 times , test $300.00 , giving birth under – private $5K , cash out $2k. Almost $4K.

Their things – Sterilizer ( $300 ) , toys ( countless ) , clothes ( hand me down + New ( $500 ) , playpen ( $150 ) , warmer , breastpump etc.

A note for those who plan to have kids. 

Get your partner to be involve in your bunny life, teach them how to handle your bunny, get them be involve in cleaning of litterbox etc & feeding time. Discuss about financial as well, is not cheap to have baby in Singapore.


#02: Magnus story in summary…

Hello everyone! So I realized that it’s easier to understand Magnus story with pictures (at least to me), so I took some time to do up a short video about Magnus story to sum up everything as a whole. It’s 4 mins 16 sec video but it took me almost 5 hours to complete (I’m a noob). It’s kinda amateur work of course, but it’s not that hard to understand, promise. ;D


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#01: Fresh start with a new name; Magnus.

Disclaimer: This story was never meant to criticize anyone (including the ex-owner), but more of hoping to create a positive environment for all bunnies’ lovers and for their bunnies. Pets are for lifetime; true, but only when one is able to afford it.

During the last few days of May 2016, I happen to come across an advertisement online; the owner is looking for potential adopters for her rabbit as she is going to be posted overseas for work. I viewed the ad and decided to drop a message to the owner for more information. Shortly after, she replied and after some information exchange, she asked if I would like to view the rabbit before deciding, I agreed. The next day, I met her and the rabbit at the void deck below her apartment.


It was shockingly filthy; visually and physically. The said rabbit was so sad and weak looking. She explained that his pee stains was from the UTI he got few months ago but he had already recovered from it, he is also not sterilized due to the UTI as well. He had bad, bad pee burns in between his legs and his bum, so she will pass me the meds along with him as well. I knew I had to do something. I agreed to pick up the rabbit on the day after.

1st June 2016; I picked up the rabbit and rushed him to the vet clinic which had his previous records. At the reception, I gave him a new name as I registered him for consultation. He was soon seen by the vet. We took x-rays, blood test, fecal test and urine test. He weighs only 1.3kg and we can easily feel his spine down his back. We came to a conclusion that he is tagged with so many issues that only time will be the judge of how he would recover. We collected a bunch of medication and we headed home.

I had a playpen setup ready at my already-small-and-cramped balcony, a simple litter box, a handful of hay inside and a water bowl for him. As I placed him into the playpen, he looked very confuse as he slowly explores his new area. When he finally finds the water bowl, he drank and drank and drank, for a good 3 minutes.


After mopping around, spraying pee and poop everywhere, he looked at me as if asking me something. How I wished I could understand animal language. He must have tons of things to ask and talk to me. Then I tried picking him up to start wiping off some of the stains at his bum area and also to apply the meds for the pee burn as well as feeding him the oral medication for his liver issues; he did not struggle at all, a very nice tempered little boy, for now. When everything is done, I returned him into the playpen and watched him poke his nose everywhere. Then he hop into his little box, he flopped.

I am just another average bunny owner like everyone out there. I rarely groomed my own rabbits (I engage groomers to help me with that) and I never had a bun that has this much of health problem to deal with. But knowing that I gave him some comfort by bringing him home, I guess, I’ve did quite well. To owners out there, I just want this story to be an advise. I’m not saying that abandoning your pet because your MIL/FIL/son/daughter had allergies is a damn good reason. My point is more of knowing when to let go instead of holding on to your pet knowing that you are no longer able to provide time to care for them. In this case, the owner had to be overseas for long period of time. During her absence, the rabbit was down with UTI and was passed to a friend who had barely the basics of how to care for it. Things gone so wrong that by the time the owner had returned for it, the damage was done, very badly. Who’s the victim? Everyone involved is, especially the rabbit. No one expected or wanted this to happen but look, it had happen eventually.

I am very mad at the owner at first; not gonna lie. But then I asked myself, what if the same situation happen to me? Maybe I couldn’t afford raising them anymore for a reason I couldn’t solve, do I send them to a relative whose 5 year old child wanted a cute rabbit as a pet and then think it as case close? Or perhaps I should post online looking for owner but in return receive comments from people saying that I’m heartless to abandon my rabbit, questioning me why I couldn’t put in the effort to bring it overseas with me. At that point, I feel grateful instead, because that owner knew her limits was up and took efforts to rehome the rabbit to me after asking me quite a bit of questions like am I going to sterilize him eventually, whether I have other rabbits at home, am I planning bond them together etc. If a person just wants to get rid of the rabbit, why would she have asked that much?

At the end of the day, I just want to say that everyone have their own sets of problem. If everyone could keep their pets and care for them till their last breathe, of course that’s the ultimate ideal situation. But in reality, it’s really not that possible for some people. Do we really have to judge them for having difficulties that they can’t solve? Or how about we help by giving better suggestions, like adopt it! Or helping to foster, ask around for good potential adopters on behalf if the owner is short of time, share your experience if you have gone through similar situation before etc. Let’s be more kind with our words; commenting “Karma will get you for abandoning your pet. Hope that your children will abandon you too” is not going to help in any way. P.s. abandoning a pet IS a crime in Singapore, rehoming it properly is not.

I shall end off the first part of the story (I’m longwinded, but his transformation will amaze you, I promise!). This boy is getting his second chance in life. Even if I’m a greenhorn in caring for a rabbit this dirty, I hope that eventually he’ll be a happy little fellow who can live his life to the very last bit. I gave him a name that means strong and powerful, hoping that he will eventually transform into a charming big boy.

His name is Magnus.

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Story of Banana and My Bunnies

Wrote this for fun a long long time ago… on 24th March 2013… and this is based on a true story…..

A story of my three boys, Notti, Bion and Cookie, with the banana in my hand… :p

Story of Banana and My Bunnies
Story of Banana and My Bunnies

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Bunny Themed Wedding Photoshoot

Thinking of bringing your bunnies along for your wedding photo shoot?

Here are some tips to prepare you and your bunnies!

Firstly, how many bunnies are you intending to bring along for your photo shoot?

The number of bunnies will also determine the location your photo shoot. If you are intending to bring 1-2 bunnies, outdoor or indoor shoot will be fine as it is easier to handle and monitor them. However if you are intending to bring 3 bunnies and above, I will recommend indoor shoot only. An enclosed area is definitely easier to handle so many bunnies at one go. Afterall, you do not want them to go missing or have potential predators eyeing on them during the shoot.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

Now that you have settled the location of your shoot, how are we going to prepare your furkids? Singapore’s weather can be real hot throughout the entire year. Do hydrate them first before heading out. But how are we going to force them to drink up themselves? Simple. Feed them a serving of fresh vegetables. Vegetables with stems are a good choice such  as xiao bai cai. If your bunnies hate stems, just stick the the leaves. It does have a significant amount of water in them too. However, to be on the safe side, do bring along a bottle of water for them. You can feed them via a syringe or a pet travel water bottle.

Food, treats, snacks!

Our bunnies have very fragile gut system which does not allow them to stop eating. Furthermore, you are already busy with all the upcoming wedding preparations. I am sure you do not want them to have any gut stasis (GI) which you have to monitor closely during your peak period. Bring ample amount of hay and their favorite treats! Which bunnies can resist treats? Even a banana would work too! (If your bunny love bananas.)

Get help from a bunny savvy friend.

Last but not least, how are you going to attend to all their needs during the photo shoot since you will be busy posing for the camera? Do note that a photo shoot can last for as long as 8 hours! This is when your bunny savvy friend can help you out. The number of bunnies will determine the number of bunny savvy friends you will need. You may want to consider for every 2-3 bunnies equals 1 bunny savvy friend (This also depends on how many bunnies your friend is comfortable with handling at one go). It is no joke when the bunnies start running everywhere and your friends are the ones chasing after them.

So there we go! All the tips you may need! Most importantly is to enjoy the process of the photo shoot!

Edna bunny wedding shoot 2

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