#03: Chewy the CNY bunny

Hi all! Just as finally settled down to a regular routine for both my bunnies, I finally have space to take in one more bunny for fostering, and hence we welcome Chewy!


On the eve of CNY, I came across an adoption post on fb about a young mixed lop male that is up for adoption. Judging from the pic, his condition looks fine and typically, lops gets a higher chance of being adopt out as compared to local breeds (sad, harsh truth). So I contacted the owner to see if he is agreeable for me to take in and search for another adopter with proper procedures (to prevent resale and breeding) and yeap, all went well. 2nd day of CNY, that’s how Chewy came to me.

First impression; he’s really small-sized for a one-year old mixed lop, skinny and matted bottom. The ex-owner happens to live walking distance away from me (like 15-20 minutes walk) so I sacrificed my fats to save some transportation money. Whole trip took me 50 minutes back and forth but it’s worth it. Because this little fellow really needs some help. I settled him in a corner of my room fenced up. He munch hay like a lawn mower (it’s real) and LOVES pellets. I figured to give him unlimited pellets to bulk him up for now.

Next morning, something just doesn’t feel right. So I weighed him. Chewy is barely 700gram. That’s even lighter than my SIL’s guinea pig (she’s 1.2kg) and that’s crazy. So this fact further confirms my decision to give unlimited pellets for the time being until the stage where I can’t feel his ribs that easily.

Over the next few days, all I did was slow coaxing while simple de-matting of his crazy bottom. Character-wise; wary of sudden movement and strangers but won’t bite (he prefers to flight than fight) which is a good point (?).

On 4th Feb 2017, I took Chewy along with Magnus and Abby for their annual checkup. Chewy gained weight! He’s now 1.1kg and that’s a scary leap of improvement considering it’s only one week of unlimited pellets buffet! Hahaha, that’s just show how important a balance diet is for any rabbits! He cleared the basic checkup with good feedback and of course Doc’ reminds that he needs to put on more weight than this!

Few days later after I left home for work, this little fellow made an escape from my room (I left the door open, my bad) and ventured into the living room. So after a big hooha of securing him, my family decides to clear up some space for him so that he can stay in the living room near Magnus and Abby (they fell in love with his helicopter ears, I knew it). So just like Magnus’ case, he charmed his way into the family just like that.


Yes, due to the extremely low inquiries for Chewy, as of 26th June 2017 (exactly 5 months since I took over him), he is now officially known as Colin. #fosterfail Enjoy the pictures! (Pictures not in sequence!)

From left to right:
1. I tried putting up adoption notice
2. More cute pictures
3. 5th week since coming to me, 500g increase in weight!!!


From left to right:
4. Just before meeting a potential adopter, I realize this boy is down with scabies!! (Bunny date immediately failed)
5. Healing process with healthy treats (cameo featuring Magnus and Abby!)
6. All healed up!


From left to right:
7. Moody because no more adoption inquiries
8. The big move to new place! (cameo featuring all my other pets!)
9. Pic taken during one of the bunny gathering!

And finally…. the last picture take quire recently! Fatter and healthier!! Case close!!!

With love,

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